TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd. manufactures a wide range of wires and cables for telecommunications, electronics, and electricity, and is a leader in the design and production of high data-rate Copper and Optical LAN cables, Industrial BUS, Instrumentation and Control Cables. The factory was established in 1966 at Kibbutz Ein-Dor, in Israel's Lower Galilee. TELDOR is a leading manufacturer in the development and production of advanced electronic, FiberOptic and data communication cables, as well as outside plant Telecom cables. TELDOR has gained an international reputation for its fast response, extensive service, custom cable design and outstanding quality.


IW Microwave

Founded in 1970, IW developed a unique PTFE lamination process and applied it to manufacturing wire and cable. This process allowed IW to manufacture products of unprecedented reliability along with smaller diameters. Combining the new lamination process along with a patented shield design allowed IW to become one of the leaders in low loss microwave transmission lines, utilizing both solid and expanded PTFE dielectrics. In 1988, IW expanded its operations and created a Microwave Products Division.



Mettex has been supplying copper braided solutions since 1973. We have an extensive client base spanning across the general electrical, automotive, aerospace, communications and defence sectors amongst others, where our products meet and exceed the strictest of requirements.


Scott Cables

We were established in 1990, when we were known as SELECT ENTERPRISES. We then rebranded as select cables, and in 2012 we became Scott Cables. Whatever we have been called, we have always prided ourselves on delivering high-quality products and exemplary customer service. And all our manufacturing is done in the UK.