As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of #Connector systems, ODU makes connectors that ensure reliable transmission of #Power, #Signals and #Data for demanding applications in various fields such as medical, defense, automotive, industrial, test and measurement.

Physically small applications pose new challenges for users and manufacturers. The ODU MINI – SNAP Super Shorty in the ODU F series offers suitable solutions to meet these requirements.

Optimized for Extreme Conditions

The ODU MINI-SNAP F Series Super Shorty provides easy installation for tight and difficult-to-interfere areas. The size of the connector is reduced by up to 25% compared to the ODU MINI-SNAP F Series, enabling more efficient and flexible use without compromising performance.

(Size comparison ODU MINI-SNAP F Series)

Durable and Reliable: IP68

The ODU MINI-SNAP F Series Super Shorty offers a long service life with at least 5,000 plugging and unplugging cycles. With IP68 certification for transmissions under adverse conditions, it is resistant to dust and water ingress. It is the solution for applications requiring a compact design while maintaining its technical advantages.